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weekly horoscopes

[March 21 - April 19]

You’ll be feeling extra bold and direct this week. It’s the perfect time to think up a new project, speak up for what you believe in, or do that thing you’ve been putting off. This Sunday, the Sun, Moon, Mercury, and Venus will all be in your sign. This is your time to shine, Aries!

Tarot Card of the Week: The Chariot

[April 20 - May 20]

Taurus, this is a great time for some emotional spring cleaning and self-reflection. Seek comfort in art, music and nature, if you need it. With Taurean intuition at an all-time high this week, you’ll know when you’re ready for something new. 

Tarot Cards of the Week: King of Cups Reversed, Queen of Cups 

[May 21 - June 20]

The Fool is the first card in the tarot deck. Reversed, it may suggest the quiet moments before the start of something, a moment of preparation and stillness. As we lead into a new lunar cycle and you brace for your next adventure, you may be experiencing some unexpected trepidation. If you’ve got doubts, listen to them. But don’t let them bog you down. 

Tarot Card of the Week: The Fool Reversed

[June 21 - July 22]

This is a time to celebrate you! Go ahead and take a moment to recognize all that you have been doing well. Resist the urge to rush -- this week will bring a welcome dose of rejuvenation if you let yourself get the rest and relaxation you deserve.

Tarot Card of the Week: The Sun

[July 23 - August 22]

Change can be scary. But right now it's your friend… so embrace it! Your priorities are evolving and it might be helpful to make a list of what’s most important to you. If something is not working – the universe grants you permission to shift gears. 

Tarot Card of the Week: Two of Pentacles Reversed

[August 23 - September 22]

A tradition or routine you once held dear may no longer be possible, pleasurable, or effective. On the bright side, it looks like you’ve outgrown it. Forge a new path and don’t look back.

Tarot Cards of the Week: The Hierophant Reversed, Eight of Cups 

[September 23 - October 22]

Your Libra scales may need a little balancing. In material and creative matters, you’re going to see things “click into place” as you reap the rewards of your efforts. On the other hand, you may have been letting your spiritual and emotional self come second. Find time to give your heart some attention.

Tarot Cards of the Week: Ten of Pentacles, The Lovers Reversed


[October 23 - November 21]

Oftentimes, we punish ourselves for things that are out of our control, thereby only making our journey more difficult. Don’t be so hard on yourself, Scorpio. Go with the flow for a while. If you are feeling lost, this week is an opportune time to seek out an elder loved one or mentor figure for a fresh perspective.

Tarot Cards of the Week: The Devil, Queen of Cups Reversed

[November 22 - December 21]

You’re going to have courage in abundance this week. You know what you want to do and you’re going to do it – so what do you need my advice for? All I'll offer is: don’t forget to have a little fun along the way!

Tarot Cards of the Week: King of Wands Strength, Five of Wands 

[December 22 - January 19]

It can be tempting to confuse anxiety with intuition. Check in with yourself – what are you so afraid of? Is this fear protecting you or holding you back? You may find mindfulness exercises particularly useful this week in grounding your spirit. 

Tarot Cards of the Week: Queen of Cups Reversed, Seven of Cups

[January 20 -  February 18]

Allow yourself to indulge in some optimism -- your head and heart are operating in tandem this week. This positive, balanced energy you will be radiating invites new, meaningful connections. If you see an opportunity to be a shoulder to lean on, be generous.

Tarot Cards of the Week: Two of Cups, King of Cups 

[February 19 - March 20]

You’ve been working hard. When was the last time you took a moment to treat yourself? Whether it be a nice meal, a night to yourself, a gift you’ve been eyeing for a while, or quality time with loved ones, find a way this week to remind yourself that you deserve the best.

Tarot Card of the Week: Nine of Pentacles Reversed 

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Horoscopes by Carolyne Leys

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