Agate Amethyst Tower

Stunning, polished amethyst and agate crystal tower. 2 available - sizes range between 5.5" and 6.5" tall, and 2-2.5" wide.

If you need to relax and reduce stress, Amethyst will help you to release the emotions that aren't benefiting your spirit, like anxiety. Amethyst is also said to enhance your intuition, spirituality and mediation, and bless you with good dreams.

Agate enhances mental function, improves concentration, enhances perception and analytical abilities. It is a soothing and calming gemstone that transforms inner anger, anxiety and helps in the strengthening of relationships. Agate instills security and safety.

These gemstones come together to form a tower of serenity, clarity, and focus

*Crystals should not be used as a replacement for medical treatment. The information contained herein is metaphysical in nature and does not claim to heal or cure, and should not be considered as a substitute for conventional medicine. 

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