Raw Crystals

Amethyst: If you need to relax and reduce stress, you're in the right place. An amethyst point will help you to release the emotions that aren't benefiting your spirit - like anxiety! On the other hand, if it's your indecisiveness that is driving you crazy, there's really only one choice to make: amethyst.      

Blue Kyanite: Folklore and Legend believe Kyanite to be a calming stone. It's an excellent stone to bring one into a deep, meditative state. Find your voice, speak your truth and discover your true talents with the help of this crystal. 

Citrine: If you're feeling down and in need of a mood-booster, Citrine is just right for you. This light and cheerful stone brings happiness and joy to its holder, boosting your confidence and imaginative ability. Overcome your fears and achieve your goals with the help of this powerful stone as it gives you clarity and revitalization. 

Clear Quartz: When someone asks you what you want in life or what your goals are, do you find it difficult to answer? Do you know what you want but find it challenging to make it a reality? You need the energy of clarity and manifestation that a Clear Quartz crystal provides. Hold a Clear Quartz as you set an intention to program your mind and send your intention out into the universe. Not only does a Clear Quartz Cluster help you get crystal clear on your goals, but it also helps to amplify your intention. By magnifying your intention, it aids in strengthening your ability to make your intention a reality.

FluoriteFluorite crystals are believed to be the home to rainbows; each one is full of color, shape and dimension. Ward off negative energy with the soothing vibrations, and keep your aura shining bright! Let it guide you from a state of anxiety to one of tranquility by cleansing your mind, body and spirit. Working with it neutralizes negative energy and inspires mental clarity, peace and harmony. 

Pyrite: Discover your self-worth and potential with this confidence-building, lucky, prosperous stone. Commonly called "Fool's Gold," Pyrite is typically associated with wealth, though in more than monetary value. Pyrite will bring an abundance of wisdom, love, and other forms of prosperity. It encourages you to take action, face difficult challenges, and see things through to the end. Pyrite also deflects negative energy and influences and strengthens your resolve to continue on your chosen path. 

Rose QuartzLike a compass for the heart, this Rose Quartz Point helps you to point love in the right direction. As the stone of unconditional love, you can count on rose quartz to be there for you no matter what kind of love your heart needs. Whether you could use an infusion of self-love, romantic love, familial love or love of friends, this rose quartz point will connect with your heart chakra to fill it with loving energy.

*Crystals should not be used as a replacement for medical treatment. The information contained herein is metaphysical in nature and does not claim to heal or cure, and should not be considered as a substitute for conventional medicine. 

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