By Rosie Jane Roll-on Perfumes

By Rosie Jane was founded in 2010 by celebrity makeup artist Rosie Jane Johnston, a native Australian now living in Los Angeles.

Combining natural fragrance oils, essential oils and absolutes to create unique scents for each season. Each fragrance is formulated by Rosie in her Silverlake studio.

Available in four unique scents: 

Rosie is inspired by the cooler months and by founder Rosie Jane’s favorite flower, the Rose. With red rose, moroccan rose, nude musk and a touch of vanilla, Rosie is designed to feel perfectly sheer even under the layers of winter.

James: ...and all at once, summer collapsed into fall.

James is light, earthy and romantic. With notes of fig, amber and gardenia. A women’s fragrance that can be worn by all.

Leila Lou: A long lunch with friends. A walk through fields of flowers. Lazy mornings in bed. Time spent with people you love. The perfect white T-shirt and great jeans...

Leila Lou effortlessly captures the essence of Spring. This roll-on perfume is made with a blend of finest essential oils. With notes of pear, jasmine and fresh cut grass, Leila Lou is clean, fresh and totally addicting.

Tilly: A day at the beach. Hot, salty skin. A Sunday barbecue with friends. A romantic beach getaway. A sheer white linen maxi dress...

Tilly effortlessly captures the essence of summer. With notes of grapefruit, pineapple and tropical gardenia, Tilly is warm sensual and delicate. Made with pure essential oils and the highest quality ingredients Tilly is as good as it smells. With Tilly Summer is never far away……

Cruelty free, Paraben, sulfate, phthalate & phosphate free. Made from recycled and recyclable packaging.

Ingredients: Essentials oils, organic coconut oil, fragrance
5ml Roller ball

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