Designed by Melissa De La Fuente, Celebration is a handbuilt bell that makes a beautiful & tiny ringing sound as you move. The sound is made by the tiny handmade brass bead inside. Inspired by bells throughout time & cultures. Brass bells endure and continue to ring, despite their journey. 

Shown in brass with a Tan Leather Cord and 
Cobalt Blue Suede Cord.

-  Brass
-  Bell is approximately 1-3/4"H
-  Cording available in Cobalt Blue suede or Tan leather
-  Adjustable length, approximately 19" long

Care: The inherent nature of metal causes Sterling Silver, Brass, and Bronze to develop a natural patina over time from exposure to oxygen, moisture, and oils in the skin. Enjoy the antiqued patina that develops over time or discourage the process by keeping jewelry clean and dry, storing it in an airtight container. You can restore the luster on the surface using a treated polishing cloth.

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