All-natural candles that echo memories of Topanga Canyon, a unique corner of coastal California.

MESA RAIN Formula #1
Mesa Rain evokes the fragrance of the air after a rainstorm, up beyond the shaded canyon, to the rocky mesa. Rock and sand spend six months relentlessly baking in the sun, when an unexpected summer rain releases this essence Chandler's note: A very masculine formula (or so I'm told) - the sharp scent is the polar opposite from a floral. It has also been likened to a "cathedral" fragrance (due to the frankincense). It just seems modern to me. energetic, sharp, fresh essential oils: frankincense (top note) atlas cedar cypress vetiver

SACRED Formula #2
Known as the "high place" by the indigenous Tongva, Topanga has always been a place of spiritual and creative inspiration. This blend of Palo Santo and floral notes is a fresh offering to ceremonies in the canyon, or anywhere you wish to commune. woody, floral essential oils: palo santo (top note) ylang ylang Neroli Patchouli

LAUNDRY DAY Formula #6
Here in our canyon house, we hang our clothes to dry in the summer breeze - air that blows up the canyon from the ocean in the afternoon. I’ve created this formula to capture the moment on a sunday afternoon, folding the clean laundry. Lavender is the predominant note of this fragrance, but it’s grounded by the sweet oak moss and a hint of bitter orange and lime. clean, fresh, sweet, floral essential oils: lavender (top note) oak moss lime petitgrain

Walking through the farmers’ market, each stall you pass opens a world of exotic and familiar scents. It’s a vivid memory of a Friday morning, preparing for an evening’s entertainment. Fresh cut flowers, fruit and greens form the heart of this formula. sweet, floral, green essential oils: tuberose (top note) grapefruit cardamom petitgrain

Certain scents can evoke a memory, a place, or an emotion. Geoff Fiala developed a collection of natural candles and incense, inspired by his experiences in Topanga Canyon, California.

19 Candles products are entirely made by hand, using natural ingredients like non-GMO soy wax, natural essential oils, cotton wicks, and our own vintage stoneware containers. The cardboard packaging is recycled material, and all of their labels are printed locally on vintage letterpress machines.

In case you were wondering, the name didn't come from some ill-conceived sequel to a famous 80's motion picture. 19 Candles was an ancient Celtic ritual - a part of the Imbolc: A festival marking the beginning of spring. The role of candles in our lives is different today, but for some (like Geoff), they have a primal nature, and the name 19 Candles is a celebration of that primal nature.

Two available sizes: 8 ounces & 4 ounces
Non-GMO soy wax and natural essential oils. 40+ hour burn time


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