Terra is an all-natural must-have by one of our favorite candle makers P.F. Candle Co.. Now available in two sizes across five botanical scents. The new 8 oz candle size is housed in custom terra-cotta vessels developed with ceramicist Gopi Shah. Both sizes are meant to be reused after the candle is finished and fit in to your collection of plants and pots.

Juniper. A drive through the Eastern Sierras, searching for a perfect campsite and those first early signs of winter. Pine, fir, cedarwood, and juniper berries.

Qualities: nourishing, purifying, transportive

Inspired by: camping in the Eastern Sierras, road trips along the coast with the windows down


Lavender. The next best thing to owning a lavender farm. Bulgarian and English lavender.

Qualities: soothing, comforting, promotes restful sleep

Inspired by: springtime gardening with family, quiet weekends at home


Geranium. Overflowing flower pots, margaritas on the porch. Rose, citrus, geranium, and palmarosa.

Qualities: restorative, invigorating, balances body and mind

Inspired by: sunrise, the breeze through a botanical garden, fresh-picked bouquets on the coffee table 


Rosemary. Fresh herbs, bread right out the oven, friends on their way. Thyme, parsley, Moroccan rosemary, and sage.

Qualities: stimulating, healing, improves memory

Inspired by: friends gathered on the patio, fresh baked focaccia


Olive. Gritty soil, dry leaves, warm mornings in the valleys. Cedarwood, cypress, orange, and olive oil.

Qualities: warming, grounding, encourages peace of mind

Inspired by: warm summers in Los Angeles, tranquility among olive tree groves


Ingredients: 100% domestic grown soy wax, all-natural fragrance oils, and an infusion of essential oils.

Burn Time: 45-55 hours 

Size: 8 oz

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