Hunny Brains doesn't care about trends or fashion or being cool. He likes to read. He wants to be the smartest bear in the world when he grows up. This cuddly little fellow will never leave your side and he’ll always keep his eyes on you. His face was hand-embroidered and he comes with his very own unique name hand-written on the inside of a carefully designed box.

Wonder Pal is a soft toy that serves a double duty: best friend at home, favorite companion while on the move. Thanks to a couple of magnets hidden on the inside, this cuddly teddy can be transformed into a soft seatbelt pad, whenever you’re on the go. Having a familiar toy while in the car or other vehicle will bring a feeling of “home away from home” and will make it easier for a child to adapt to long distance or frequent traveling. Once off the seatbelt, it becomes a regular toy with incredible magic powers - try attaching it to your fridge, radiator or any other magnet attracting surface!

Hand wash in cold water. Don't tumble dry, don't iron.
size: ~21cmx22cm

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