You Got This Girl! Care Package

A girlfriend going through some not-so-fun times? Send her our You Got This Girl care package. Also perfect for a couple moving into a new home.

Sometimes we need to call on the spirits to help us get rid of unwanted negative vibes! This box comes with everything you need - According to legend and folklore, Black Tourmaline purifies energy and transforms dense energy into a lighter vibration. Black tourmaline is the most effective blocker of curses, psychic attack, and ill wishing. It is believed to protect from all negative energy and be a great grounding stone for spiritual energy, balancing chakras, auric bodies and forming a protective shield. It is used in meditation, to help experience the physical and spiritual worlds as one. Get balanced and focused with the Crystal Quartz, this cluster radiate immense amounts of energy due to their many points, cleanses all of the body’s chakras while sending energy out in all different directions. / A special sacred space spray made from the rare oil of the Palo Santo tree (Bursera graveolens) which is distilled in small quantities from ecologically and sustainably harvested wood gathered in the Machalilla Park on Ecuador's Pacific coast. Our Palo Santo Sacred Mist Spray has a fine citrus aroma with underlying notes reminiscent of frankincense, its close relative. The wood and oil have distinct therapeutic benefits that are utilized in traditional ethno-botanical medicine of the Andes. The spray can be used to clear a space, yourself and others as well as your sacred objects raising the vibration and creating a elevated field. A great way to center yourself, open your space for meditation too. / Clear all of your dwelling spaces free of bad energy so good energy can flow back in by smudging with our Loose White Sage, harvested in the coastal mountains of California! Channel the power of this ancient plant spirit and immerse yourself into a sacred space of connection while purifying your body’s auric field and ridding of disturbances caused by exposure to invasive negative energies. / Our Wooden Hand Milagro are adorned by a variety of Milagros. Milagros are small metal charms that come in a wide variety of shapes. Traditionally, these charms were used in Latin America and some European countries as religious petitions to saints and deities, somewhat like votive candles at a church altar. Each charm symbolizes a prayer, hope, or wish. People pin individual milagros to the fabric draped over the statue of a saint or sometimes set them out in a shrine; others carry the charms with them to remind them of the prayer for healing or gratitude.


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