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I have always really, really loved the idea of dry shampoos. I mean, who doesn't want to have gorgeous hair in between washes?! But have you ever seen the ingredient lists on those products? There are a bazillion ingredients, most of which I can't even pronounce and don't feel thrilled about using on my body. This is an all natural Dry Shampoo Powder so you don't need to worry about those scary chemicals and parabens. I love being able to save the time I'd normally be spending on washing, drying and styling my hair by using this Dry Shampoo between washes. Once you try it, you'll wonder why you waited so long! - Erica Root (Creator/Owner, Four Birds Beauty)

All formulas contain Lavender, Peppermint, Tea Tree, and Rosemary essential oils which are known for the following properties:

Lavender Essential Oil - Lavender oil conditions the hair, keeps it shiny, and helps control dandruff. (WebMD)

Peppermint Essential Oil - Peppermint oil is moisturizing, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory. When applied to the scalp, peppermint oil moisturizes skin and soothes irritation caused by chemical, microbial, and environmental damage. Peppermint also increases blood flow and stimulates follicles to grow new hair at an accelerated rate. (From NaturalLivingIdeas) 

Tea Tree Oil - The oil from tea tree is well known for its effective treatment of viral and bacterial infections. These attributes leave your hair protected against many forms of scalp irritants.(From TeaTreeOilForHair)

Rosemary Essential Oil - Rosemary oil stimulates the roots, improves hair growth, and increases circulation in the scalp (From WebMD)

To use, pour a small amount in palm of hand or dish. Dip makeup brush into powder and tap off excess. Apply to roots in sections and leave on for anywhere from 3-10 minutes. Flip head and brush through hair thoroughly, paying special attention to the roots. Enjoy your beautiful, fresh, revived hair! 

Each bottle contains 2 ounces. Contents may settle during shipping, but rest assured that every bit of that wonderful product is there! 

It's best to apply with a towel over your shoulders to avoid getting the product on your clothing. 

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