Rose Quartz Towers

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A Rose Quartz Point is the perfect tool to direct loving energy into your spirit. Just hold the point in your hand with the tip facing your body. Points emit a focused stream of energy in whatever direction you face them.

The gentle vibes of Rose Quartz will nurture your heart with care, compassion, understanding and love. Not only do these properties open your heart up to give yourself and others more love, they also make you a magnet for receiving love.

You can even set your Rose Quartz Point in your bedroom to infuse your space with loving energy. It will send the gentle energy of Rose Quartz upward and create a loving atmosphere for you to recharge in.

If you are feeling drawn to a Rose Quartz Point, your spirit is calling out for some loving nourishment. It's time to indulge in a little TLC - tender loving crystal! Whether you want more self-love, romance or love for life, Rose Quartz can help you feed that craving.

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