Rough Fuchsite Healing Stones

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The magic of Fuchsite crystals serves to remind us that every moment of our life is an opportunity to choose happiness, which is always the wisest choice.

The sparkling energy of Fuchsite crystals inspires heart healing, relaxation, and creative thoughts.

Sprinkle your day with fairy dust by using these Fuchsite and let its energy light your world and help you see your life with fresh eyes. 

To harness the full potential of its healing properties, keep Fuchsite cleansed and recharged by smudging the stone with a sage stick. Then, take a cue from the Zen tradition and sit quietly with it for 20 minutes, simply looking at the stone and asking it to clear your mind of negative thoughts and old grudges no longer serving you. This is also a good opportunity to take a quick inventory of your mind – body – spirit status. Once you quiet the mind and channel your heart chakra energy, the Fuchsite crystal is ready to manifest your dreams into reality as it works to magnify your intention and deepen your focus on what really matters.

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