Soothe and Soul Care Package

Send a mind-calming and soul-nourishing care package to yourself or someone you love. Simply take a deep breath and set an intention.

What's in this care package?

Our Soothe and Soul Care Package is a special collaborative with Lady Drouhet.

+ The package includes an in-person or virtual (your choice) full-soul-reading (approx. 30 mins)with Lady Drouhet. You may have noticed her at the shop or at our outdoor flea this Summer. She uses her psychic abilities to figure out what you need to know now! Using drawings, Tarot and Oracle cards - she sheds light on your feelings past, problems present and fantasies future! All the while developing a bond of trust with you! Through sharp, perceptive and creative insight, Lady Drouhet gives your soul the awareness it needs! Includes gift card for one 30 minute full-soul reading session. 

+ Good Karma™ is a balancing and toning rosewater blend, infused with rose + aloe and followed up with a hint of invigorating organic peppermint essential oil. This blend is toning, restoring and moisturizing leaving your skin feeling soft + hydrated. Spritz (2-3 sprays) directly on your face + body throughout the day. Perfect for post sun exposure, after you shower or try using as a make-up setting spray. 

• keynotes: light rose, hint of mint
• ingredients: a proprietary blend of 100% steam distilled essential oils including rosewater, leucidal liquid (radish root - a natural preservative). 
• use: facial mist + toner  *avoid contact with eyes
• size: 100ml/3.4oz frosted glass amber bottle
• portion of all proceeds goes to benefit animal rescue

+ Sacred Sage Bundle - Salvia apiana, or white sacred sage is an evergreen shrub native to the Southwest, widely used by Native Americans for thousands of years for cleansing, purifying ones self and others as well as an area of space through the technique of smudging.

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