Watersandstone Turn Bracelet

Cast in brass with a leather-like texture and a chunky brass curb chain.  

Bracelet is 6 3/4" unless otherwise specified.

Amy Morrell is an Oakland, CA based jewelry designer, artist, teacher, and mother. Amy was raised in Southern California and moved to Oakland, in 1997. She studied fine art at the California College of the Arts where she now teaches fashion Illustration. Amy's fine art training gives way to an innate understanding of compositional space that is integral to her designs. Being raised in California, and growing up close to the coast, Amy has always loved combing the beach; hunting and discovering, finding and editing. Her designs are often inspired by organic objects that have been selectively curated from a large collection of years and year's worth of found materials. All Watersandstone jewelry is hand crafted by Amy in her home in Oakland, CA.


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