We've put together these beautifully packaged Meus essentials and must-have products to show the people you love that you are thinking of them.
Lio & Linn

Lio & Linn is a Japanese artisan design duo handcrafting jewelry and metal-art by Masumi Hayashi and woodwork by Ryu Iida in their Brooklyn-based studio. As artists, designers and craftspersons, the pair shares over 10 years experience in the art of metalwork and woodwork.

Their practice honors the process of "thinking with your hands" and embraces fine details, such as those found in art, craft and design.Their metal and woodwork engages the spirit of personal adventure, and experiments with organically inspired materials to fashion fresh forms and evoke curiosity.


The Art of Journaling

Our collection of journals are perfect for everything from notetaking to life admin and general scrawling. 

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Give the Gift of Comfort

There are a thousand ways to show the people in our lives that we love and appreciate them during this uncertain time. We've put together these beautifully packaged Meus essentials and must-have products to show the people you love that you are thinking of them.


The Light of the Party

Candles add warmth and light to every space, making your home feel cozier. Invite an artisanal aroma into every room of your home with our hand-crafted candles.



More than a year ago, we were forced to close our doors. I don’t think I gave myself the time to properly process the fears around that but instead I catapulted into action and reinvented my business - gloves, disinfect products before packing, daily home deliveries, curbside pickups... REACT REACT REACT! With the support of our amazing community we made it through - where to? I don’t 100% know but we definitely made it through. After spending a little more than a year just trying to survive, I found myself diving feet first into a summer full of self-gratitude and risky behavior...

My current state of mind feels akin to an overgrown garden - patches covered in untended weeds gloriously gifting unexpected beauty, over-ripened fruits dripping sweet nectar and barely hanging on. Underneath it all lies fertile soil toiling away before the season ends. Meus has always been more than just a shop to me, it’s an extension of myself, a conduit for self expression and a means to share personal stories that inspire change and make authentic connections. Read more here.



I love this boutique! I had a great experience here when I visited this week. Shop owner is a doll and super attentive. Her shop obviously reflects her personal aesthetic, well made pieces and carefully curated accessories. They also have gift items - I bought a soap and a cream made in USA for my mother-in-law. Definitely coming back!

luci p.
New York, NY

I love the products at Meus for myself and for gifts. Perfectly curated jewelry, clothing and home items. Highly recommend this Maplewood gem!

Kristine F.
South Orange, NJ

I love this store. I want everything in it pretty much all the time. So excited to have it here in Maplewood reminds me of Catbird mixed with an awesome thrift store.

Deirdre W.
Maplewood, NJ

This is my absolute favorite shop in the area and we're so lucky they have an online presence too. Every item is thoughtfully curated, every candle or fragrance is special. They have a lot of delicate jewelry, artisan homewares, etc. As others have said it's my go-to shop for really special gifts, but it's also a great way to treat yourself with a self-care item or unique piece of decor. Marichelle is also lovely!

Erin M.
Maplewood, NJ