About MEUS

MEUS (adj) // mine: that which belongs to me

MEUS is a home and lifestyle shop that celebrates curiosity and whimsy, supports independent artists, sources with great care, and strengthens community through social awareness and activism. At its heart, MEUS offers the simple pleasures and luxuries that honor the ritual of gift giving: to oneself and each other.

This humble shop that was always rooted in inclusion eventually became so much more. A place for Marichelle and her community to navigate life transitions and huge changes individually and collectively, the conversation widened to well-being and eventually MEUS began to outgrow its space. This Fall 2022, MEUS will reopen at the new and more expansive space.

98 Baker Street, Maplewood NJ 07040
Tuesday thru Saturday: 10am - 5:00pm | Sunday: 10am-4:00pm | Closed on Mondays