About MEUS

MEUS (pronounced muse)

We are a home and lifestyle shop committed to curating unique, design-focused goods that help make everyday life more beautiful. We also believe that ​it's always important to surround yourself with what makes your mind, body... and soul happy.

Our passion for supporting independent designers and artisans is the driving force behind the MEUS lifestyle brand. You’ll find this reflected in the carefully selected range of brands we carry, most of whom we have been carrying from the beginning.

Our Story

MEUS was born out of my obsession with the handmade -- objects with meaning, crafted with care and intention. In Latin, “meus” means “mine”. In sharing what I love, I hope you discover something that immediately grabs you and makes your heart flutter. My philosophy is simple: Find joy in the little things.

In 2014, I launched MEUS as an online brand while I was a stay-at-home mom, raising my third daughter. I ran the business from our attic and once in a while a little one would pop in and look wondrously through all of the products on shelves. My eldest at the time loved "helping" and was in heaven when she could help me pack up the orders. Eventually I began outgrowing my home set-up and the voice in my head pushing me to open up a brick and mortar was getting louder and louder. 

It took me a while but in mid-2017 I moved into Maplewood Mercantile as part of a collective of three businesses. Not long after, I seized an opportunity to move the shop to a space that was my own. I've had my eye on this particular building but missed the chance to lease it a few years prior. While others may find it challenging to work with less than 500 sq', I fully embrace it and love the coziness and charm that come with a more intimate shop. It feels like a big hug as soon as you walk in. In October 2017 I jumped at the chance to grow MEUS as a brand in the place I knew it always belonged. We've been at 98 Baker Street in Maplewood ever since!

MEUS has evolved over time, but our core values remain constant. We are passionate about supporting independent artists, strengthening our community through social awareness & activism, and bringing people together over a common love for great design, whimsy, romance and authentic connections.

As I’ve grown, I’ve watched customers become my friends, my friends become my customers, and my customers become friends with each other. Our space invites you to stay a while, connect with our team, and navigate our little curiosity shop in search of a serendipitous find. MEUS is our home away from home. Can’t wait to meet you!


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Come visit our shop at:
98 Baker Street in Maplewood NJ

Shop hours:
Tuesday thru Saturday: 10am - 5:00pm
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