Garlands are one of the simplest projects to make, and probably my one of my favorites. I love how a simple hanging can transform the entire feel of a room, or pull a room together. Inspired by some of our new arrivals, I thought I'd create a colorful pom-pom garland, just in time for summer.


  • multiple bundles of yarn in varying colors
  • scissors
  • extra small, small, and medium pom-pom makers (not extremely necessary, but helpful!)
  • tape

To begin making your garland, you'll need to create about 12 pom-poms of differing sizes and colors. I really like using the pom-pom makers because I find that it's a little easier to create more "sophisticated" pom-poms - ones with stripes, patterns, or with multiple colors. If you don't have a pom-pom maker, there are multiple other techniques you can use, like a fork or even your fingers, that work as well! (Tip: While making the pom-poms, leave the strings used to secure the pom-pom on; don't cut them off, they'll be usefull later.)

After you've finished making your pom-poms, cut three pieces of yarn, each about 4 feet long (I also chose to vary the colors of mine) and braid them together. If there's another ribbon or rope that you'd like to attach your pom-poms to, just skip this step!

 Once you have the basis of your garland, take your pom-poms and tie them on to the base. (If you accidentally cut off the strings, feel free to glue the pom-poms to the base!) When they're all secure, hang it up, and enjoy!

Just as I predicted, I was extremely happy with the results. I loved the way the colors complimented each other, as well as the white/blush/deep grey combo of the room. I found it looked great in multiple spaces - above the mirror, across the headboard of the bed, and even hanging on the wall. I'll definitely be keeping it up all summer, as well as browsing for even more pom-pom inspiration!

Eliza Gran Pom-Pom Basket / Handwoven Pom-Pom Slippers / Up in the Clouds Mobile

By Molly Garvin

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