Meet the Makers: Melissa de la Fuente

“I think of jewelry as a sort of talisman; you look at a piece, and it will remind you of something that you're trying to hold in your mind or in your heart..”

How would you describe your style?
"I think it is a mixture of comfort, beauty and uniqueness. It has to have meaning for me or I don’t let it in. In relation to my jewelry, I like a mixture of delicate & dramatic; timelessness & something you may not have seen before."
When drafting or creating pieces do you like to listen to music for inspiration? If so, what are a few songs that would be featured on your playlist?
"I love listening to music when I work & it’s pretty eclectic. Anything from Ingrid Michaelson, Macklemore, Tracy Chapman to Satie. Just to name a few."

Share a story about one of your favorite handmade pieces.
"My Don’t Give Up necklace seems to make a lot of folks happy. I love hearing why people are buying it & for whom. A mom wanting to cheer on her daughter who was recovering from an illness, someone buying it for encouragement for themselves or someone else. It seems to really speak to people and that was what I had hoped it would do. Give the people who wear it comfort & encouragement."

What jewelry are you currently wearing?
"At the moment I am wearing my Positive bracelet, Hope ring, and a ring, called home, that is one of the new pieces for my spring line, my wedding band, engagement ring & a diamond ring that belonged to my grandmother. Also,my necklace called Beauty. I like to test drive my pieces to make sure they are comfortable & easy to wear." 

What are 6 random facts about yourself?
- I love dogs
- I believe I am friendly and warm but, am also inwardly shy and very much a homebody.
- My husband says I am a good whistler, that when you hear me whistling, you expect to turn the corner and see an old sailor standing there. My whistling usually means that I am happy.
- When I am in love with a book I will read it over & over again.
- I think I am good in crisis situations.
- One of my favorite things is laughing (really hard) with friends over a good meal & a glass of wine.

At MEUS we're all about finding a connection with the things we own - choosing things that make an impact on our day-to-day and ultimately have the ability to make our lives more beautiful. We like to call it “inspired living”. Can you share with us something that you’ve recently purchased that inspires you and/or makes your life better in some way?
"I LOVE that notion and try to implement it in my own home & in my work. Recently, I purchased a golden elephant from Dwell Studio that I have been coveting for 2 years, a new favorite candle from Target (by Nate Berkus) and MCMC perfume from MEUS. :) Since smell is so important to me, the candle and perfume aren’t things I even consider luxuries (although, of course they ARE) to me, they are necessary, as part of the environment I want to be in. One that evokes and comforts and makes my surroundings inviting. It is something I give a lot of thought to, and how it affects my family. The golden ellie is just one of those things that makes me smile, when I look at it. Reminds me of my love of elephants and what they symbolize for me."
What is the single best decision you have made in your life so far?
"Marrying my husband, Joel & having our two daughters, Elena & Tallulah. Without a doubt." 

Now available at MEUS:

We are a lucky bunch to have her pieces featured in our shop. A huge thanks to Melissa for taking the time to answer our questions!

Stay in touch with Melissa through: Instagram | Shop | Pinterest

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