Online Shopping 101: The Right Measurements

Online shopping doesn’t always have to be a guessing game! A couple of minutes of measuring could save you the ordeal of receiving new pieces you love, but don’t quite fit into. With these few tips and tricks, you could shop and be assured that every piece you purchase will fit you perfectly.  

Focus Areas:

Note that when using the soft tape measure, you are measuring total circumference. For areas that you normally like loose, rather than tight, you could add an inch or more onto the measurements when shopping.


Take the measuring tape under your arms (about an 1” below the underarm), and around your upper back, joining the front of the tape (the end closest to 1”) over the fullest part of your chest.

Note that your arms should remain down, with the exception of the arm holding the measuring tape. You should get a number that is around 30 to 45. 

Natural Waist: 

This measurement is often mistaken for hip measurement, but this actually refers to the slimmest section of your waist. A great way to determine where your natural waist is, is a side crunch! The section that creases when crunched is where that soft tape measure should be. This section should be measured loosely. 


For this section you’re going to take your measuring tape around the fullest part of your body, beneath your waist and navel.  


This measurement might be a bit difficult to measure on your own, so having a friend nearby certainly would help. Begin at the crotch seam, and measure down until you hit just below the anklebone.  

Other Areas Worth Measuring..
(and recording!)


Take the measuring tape over your back, measuring a straight line from the outer edge of one of your shoulders to the outer edge of the other. Your posture is important for this whole process but more so, for this step; make sure your back is straight, your chest is out, and your shoulders are back (but relaxed). 

Arm Length: 

For this measurement you are going to want to keep your arm slightly bent. Take the measuring tape from the shoulder seam (the tip of your shoulder), and measure down the arm to the wrist. This measurement varies with makers, so keep a look out for sizing guides on websites.
Shops like Ace & Jig measure from the shoulder seam, while other shops may measure from armpit to cuff. 

It may seem overwhelming, but once you get a hang of it, you’ll wonder why you never thought to have your exact measurements handy, every time. Sizes will always vary from shop to shop, which is why looking up sizing charts and lining up your numbers is important! 

Ready to test out your measurements? Feel free to check out our newest additions from Ace & Jig and Pippa Romana!

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