3 Ways to Use Tumblers

We just love our new Tumblers by Claire Ginn. They're so versatile and can be used in so many different ways.

1. I always like to stock our guest room with basic amenities. I find that the most simple essentials can make guests feel welcome and more at home. These tumblers look great paired with a simple glass bottle of water (we love saving and reusing our Lorina bottles). Throw in a few easy snacks (granola bar, nuts, chocolate) so your guests will always have something to munch on in between meals - it'll save them from feeling awkward about opening the fridge and pantry!

2. The cork lids make them perfect kitchen storage containers for herbs & spices. You could also use a Whitewash Tumbler for salt and an Ebony Tumbler for pepper!

3. and... they're pretty enough to display on your vanity/dressing table and can also be a unique way to store basic essentials such as cotton balls and qtips in your guest room.

Made with Cassius Basaltic Clay, hand-painted and finished with a clear matte glaze. These 5 oz. Tumblers are available now in Whitewash or Ebony. Buy now

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