Meet The Makers: Anna Eaves of Arrow + Sage

With a background in fine arts & photography, (and parents who just about run the gamut... her dad a writer, and expert archer; her mother, a painter, potter, teacher, and gardener) it's clear that this apple doesn't fall too far from the tree. Read on as Anna Eaves shares with us her process, future projects, and a tiny peek into her passion for gardening!

But first...

6 random facts about Anna:

  1. I tend to get really into a handful of songs, sometimes just one or two, and then play them on repeat. My playlists are really short.
  2. In a world full of wonderful craft beer, I secretly don’t hate a Bud Light.
  3. I was a teenager before I could snap my fingers.
  4. My Half Moon pendant line of necklaces stemmed from me not wanting to wedge clay. I thought I could just use my clay scraps for something else and wedge less. It worked!
  5. I’m known for falling asleep during really exciting TV shows and movies.
  6. My parents took my brothers and I on a 6 week trip across the U.S. when I was 14. Arches and The Badlands will blow your mind. 
What are you currently inspired by? Are you currently working on new designs or testing out techniques that you haven’t done before?

I’ve been playing around with new textures and blue color tones. I mostly use satin and high gloss finish glazes, but I’d love to experiment with colored slips and try something totally different. I do have a few new designs in the pipeline, including ceramic pendants, bangles, and wine tumblers! 

Working with clay is a lengthy process. Are there any particular steps in the process that you enjoy the most?

Trimming and carving. During the drying process, clay gets to a consistency that’s almost like chocolate. That’s when it’s ready to carve and trim. It’s so satisfying.

What Ceramic trends are you currently loving and what, if any, would you like to see go?

I’m really into gold luster. It’s an extra firing step in the already long process of working with clay, but, there’s just something about a gold accent. Its take everything up a notch.

How would you describe your current/ideal work space?

I love my studio when it’s clean and tidy, but lately it’s just a chaotic mess! I have a very small space, roughly 12’ x 13’. So, every inch of space is utilized, and every shelf usually full.

Gardening has played an important role in developing your artistic approach, as spring and summer draw nearer, are there any particular flowers or herbs you are excited to plant? 

I’m a sucker for lavender and other fragrant herbs. And succulents. But gosh, just everything. Salvia, echinacea, cosmos, peonies, crocosmia, hydrangeas. I’ve already done a little planting in pots for our stoop and patio. Most of my garden beds are full of perennials, so no major new planting is done each year unless I do a complete overhaul. Which I have been known to do!
Our frost date has just passed here in NC, so, I’ve been weeding mostly. But soon I’ll be planting tomatoes, and protecting our strawberries and blueberries from the birds.

At MEUS we’re all about finding a connection with the things we own - choosing things that make an impact on our day-to-day and ultimately have the ability to make our lives more beautiful. We like to call it “inspired living”. Can you share with us something that you’ve recently purchased that inspires you and/or makes your life better in some way?

I love supporting independent makers. It’s hard stuff: all the making and wearing every hat! My husband and I just adopted a 2 year old APBT (American Pit Bull Terrier) named JoJo. We adore her and I wanted to find a not-your-run-of-the-mill collar and leash that fit my design style and taste. I discovered Ike & Stella on Etsy, and Jenn made a gorgeous, collar and leash set for me. She makes leather collars, and then uses rugs and other fabric to create removable sleeves for the collars so you can wash them. The set is beautiful. I get compliments on it all the time. I like putting time and effort into buying beautiful things I’ll love for a lifetime, while in turn supporting other independent makers. Plus now JoJo is stylin’.

Now available at MEUS:

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We'd like to thank Anna for this interview and for providing such beautiful pictures!
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Images by Anna Eaves

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