6 Ways Baskets can Transform any Room in the House

Everyone has a different design sensibility—for every super-chic minimalist loft, there’s a baroque, designed-to-the-rafters Victorian—but some trends cut across generations and styles. The current basket craze is one such super-trend that, unlike certain fads (not naming names, but it maybe has something to do with staying calm and carrying on?), is here to stay. That’s because whether you’re into the modern-rustic look or Hollywood-regency style, it’s easy to find a basket that goes with your exact aesthetic.

These days, baskets span the spectrum and come in all different sizes and materials. Like pillows, they’re easy and relatively inexpensive tools for refreshing your décor. Prepping your home for spring? Simply swap out that traditional country basket for a colorful version. (We especially love this hot-pink hanging planter.) Need something special for that guest room? Add a statement-making oversize basket for holding extra linens, like this one. The options are endless.

But the main reason baskets will always be a domestic mainstay is because they are true workhorses. They actually provide a function—they hold things and keep your home nice and tidy—and they do it with panache. Here’s how to use baskets in every room in your home.

  1. Entry: In the winter, a basket is a great way to store your cold-weather accessories. Have kids? Assign each family member a basket for a more efficient get-out-the-door routine. In the summer, use one to hold sunblock, insect repellent, and other items you need (but often forget) to use last-minute before leaving the house. And year-round, it’s a great repository for slippers or kids’ shoes.
  2. Living room: Use a sturdy one to store your firewood, a pretty one to hold your throws, and your favorite intricately woven flat one to display on the wall.
  3. Den: This room likely gets used and abused quite a bit. Baskets are essential in such spaces for containing the clutter. Stash a basket here for your pet toys and another one (or three) for your kids’ toys.
  4. Dining room: Nothing like a huge, dramatic plant to anchor a corner of this room. And nothing like a giant, beautiful basket to hold it.
  5. Kitchen: Pantry got you feeling down? Use baskets to help you organize it. Place like items in each basket (e.g., packaged snacks in one, dried pasta in another, etc.) for a pantry that will invite envy.
  6. Bathroom: Elevate the humdrum by replacing that old plastic laundry bin with a gorgeous woven basket. And not into that stainless steel trash can anymore? Try a sweet deep basket instead.

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