New in Shop: Seaworthy Jewelry

We've added two more pieces to our Seaworthy collection. Designer and self-taught jeweler, Marisa Howard, finds inspiration in a variety of traditional aesthetics, from textiles to architecture.  An Oregon native with small town roots, she has a connection to the Northwest landscape and way of life. Drawing on the Oregon coast in particular, to bring color and texture to her designs.

 A signature Seaworthy shape - this Bixa Necklace is created from original sketches. Made from high quality jeweler's brass and sealed with wax to maintain finish. 

The Amante Earrings are hand cut brass earrings, stamped with a pattern of lines. Ear wires are hand formed and soldered using 14k gold fill wire.

Shop now: Bixa necklace | Amante Earrings | Ace & Jig Eclipse Onesie

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