A Blue Mind, is a Calm Mind


I want to focus on a new topic for the upcoming summer months. Self-care. We often forget to take care of ourselves, especially now with everything going on in the world. We think about ourselves last. In order to take care of others, be our authentic selves, and give it our all, we must begin within.  We are shifting our Sunday newsletter focus to discussion around mindfulness, meditation, confidence, self-improvement, beauty, and more. We begin our #selfcare Sunday series which the calming ocean, one of my favorite places to be. 

So what is a "blue mind", anyways? According to Wallace J. Nichols, best selling author and protector of the seas, he describes this new discovery, "a mildly meditative state that is characterized by calm, peacefulness, unity and a sense of general happiness and satisfaction with life in the moment." It begins with water itself but also is related to the color blue and the words we use to describe immersing ourselves in a body of water. We all know more than ever the feeling of exhaustion, anxiety and screen fatigue. A "blue mind", can offer a wellness boost which taps into our neural pathways, which helps all of the above. Wallace suggests that even being by water, yes even a bath counts (or our cute pool I just got the girls, yay), has the physical potential to alleviate some cognitive and physical ailments. He found that there are many healing and soothing qualities of water. 

We as humans, usually have a "red mind", on a day to day basis. Wallace describes this as "an edgy high", stressed, anxious, fearful and sometimes some angry. These past few months, I can assume most of us had a "red mind", but were desperate for the feelings of a "blue mind". Doing activities that reduce or remove stress, such as a walk by the water with the sand in between your toes, splashing water on your face as a refresh, taking a warm bath with candles, walking by a waterfall, going to sleep with a sound machine with water sounds, etc. " We let our minds wander and dream. Waterside is a place for play, romance, a sense of peace and freedom, contemplation, grieving and remembering".  In order to fully activate this "blue mind", we must turn off our screens, log out of all of our tabs, quiet our mind about what is for dinner, and just walk outside to the ocean, or to the body of water that you have close to you. 

  • Take a warm bath after the kids go to bed, turn the lights off, light your fave candle, bring a glass of wine, throw in a bath tablet and enjoy the feelings.
  • Head to South Mountain Reservation and walk the 1.7 mile loop around the pond. Notice the waterfalls, feel them lightly spraying you as you walk by, dip your hands in to touch the water or go fishing with the kids.
  • If you live in the SOMA area, we are only an hour from the Jersey Shore. Take a day trip or a mini-vacay and spend some time with your beach chair close to the water. Dip your toes in and read a book. 
  • Simply wear more blue. We have a few pieces we love in the shop that we specifically ordered in blue for this feeling of calmness and stillness. 
  • Be present, enjoy the water, add more blue into your life and focus on the feelings it brings. I hope you are able to incorporate a few more beach trips this summer with this in mind! I mean, you have an excuse now to right?
xx Marichelle

* Source: Wallace K. Nichols, A Blue Mind

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