For our second post in our Artist Feature series, we're highlighting Carla Osborn, the mastermind behind the beautiful brand, PO-EM. Based in NYC, she creates art objects, accessories, and hand-spun/woven textiles that are sure to make anyone swoon. Finding "inspiration from stories and poems, the hand's work, animal gaze, storytelling through pattern, utility, folk, and mixing old things with new things" she creates each piece with the intention of giving an ode to the handmade while remaining genuine. Refraining from using zippers, buttons, or what she refers to as "fuss", Carla keeps her textiles and clothing pieces simple, yet beautiful.

Separate from PO-EM, Carla also works in collaboration with her husband Aaron on their joint brand, Osborn, creating artfully made shoes in small batches... "This footwear project & brand embodies the spirit of high craft, a handmade product that tells it's own story with vibrant pauses and exclamation points. We work with artisan communities around the world to develop custom Osborn textiles and to make rad shoes."

Shop our favorites from PO-EM here
Connect with Carla: tumblr, pinterest, and website

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