Here at MEUS, we love following our favorite artists and creatives on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and all the other forms of social media in an attempt to get a better understanding of who they are! To help you get a better understanding of the makers featured in our shop, we've started a new series where we do exactly that. Each post in the series will contain a small interview with an artist we're currently crushing on, with only a handful of questions. We really hope you enjoy reading this series as well as getting to the creatives who are behind your favorite products. First up: Ivy Weinglass!


photo by Suzi Sadler

We love your ceramics! Where do you/did you find the inspiration behind them? 
Thank you! Usually it's out of necessity - things that i want or need - or different styles or ways of playing with clay that i want to experiment with. Like the hands - that all started because I had always collected hand shaped items from thrift stores and wanted to make my own. Plus I needed a place to put all the palo santo I always burn. But sometimes inspiration comes out of places i've been or things I've experienced. And I wont even be aware of it! I had gone to Greece and had been so inspired by the blue of the sky against the white walls, but didn't even realize it had crept into my work until I was looking at all the blue and white pieces going : "oh! wait! I know where this is from!"

Do you have a favorite piece of yours?
There are a few that I'll never sell, that I'm keeping forever. Usually they're the first of their kind - the ones where I open up the kiln and go "holy shit this is amazing I gotta make more of these!" Those are my favorite for sure. Or, if a piece has a ton of personality, all wonky and strange, I love those too.

Speaking of favorites, what's your favorite restaurant?
Hmm... Well, I do love my neighborhood restaurants like Selamat Pagi or Dar525 (I live in Greenpoint, BK) but I did just go (last night!) to Mission Chinese and OH MY GOD it was good. Like... I'm still thinking about it 24 hours later good. Like... I just looked up the menu to re-live some of it good. Like.... I may have to go back in the next few days good.

Usually I'm boring like a vodka soda. I love those little cans of Sofia sparkling rose, but I think that's more that I'm a sucker for good packaging. At Mission Chinese I had a drink with gin, coconut milk, kiefer lime and sesame oil that pretty much blew my mind. Also, my boyfriend loves experimenting making tiki drinks so I've become accustomed to getting some very strange, very delicious, very experimental drinks any time I want.

What's the last thing you bought/where do you love to shop?
I 99% thrift my way thru life - Beacons Closet is a weekly visit for sure. Or Etsy - Fair Season is pretty much my favorite seller of all time. I just want her to dress me for life every day. The last thing I bought was that I treated myself (for my birthday!) to a pair of vintage circular gold with green lenses Ray Ban sunglasses that I've been coveting for years now!

Do you have a signature scent?
Monoi Tiki Tahiti oil in the summer, Dark Wave by Olo in the winter .. fall and spring I just alternate between those.

And finally, Cats or dogs?
Cats with dog personalities... aka my Maine Coon cat Woody.


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