YAY. We finally have Bathing Culture Mind and Body Wash right here at MEUS! To make things even better, we now have our very own refillable station in the shop. That's right, you can bring back your rainbow glass bottle and refill it right here. This has made bath time so much more pleasant, knowing that I am using organic & biodegradable soap that makes my bathroom smell as if I am at the Redwood canopies in Northern Cali (looking up google flights now...)

Here is how it works:

1) Purchase your very own bathing culture glass bottle of mind and body wash. It is as refreshing as jumping into a cold river after a hot summer day. Made with organic ingredients, including skin superheroes Aloe, Shea and Guar.

2) Take a nice hot shower or bath and use a dab (just a little will do the job), cleanse your mind and body.

3) Bring your empty bottle back to MEUS and refill it for 1.75/oz! 

*Repeat steps #2 and #3 over and over!

So, now that you're probably also looking up flights to northern Cali (I mean with this weather in NJ, one week it's freezing the next it's Spring...I may actually have to go), for now, let's enjoy those aromas right in our own bathrooms. Next time you relax with a warm shower, cleanse yourself with your new mind and body wash, close your eyes and let your mind wander off to those canopies...

xx Marichelle


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