Ladies Night Out: A Step-by-Step Guide

You show them off and they make the night, coming under the light in all shapes, sizes and colors but how much time do we really dedicate to making sure they’re good n’ healthy? Pray, what could we be referencing… the girls, of course! Those shining symbols of womanhood are also subject to strain and it’s crucial for us to integrate breast massage into our self-care routines. 

Breast massages are different to breast self-exams which are essential to keeping in check for potentially cancerous lumps. Instead, these massages prone wellbeing, stress relief, refined circulation, reduced breast pain or tenderness and even better breastfeeding! Deeply rooted in the Hindu system of medicine known as the Ayurvedic tradition, these breast massages are truly perfect for a night of relaxation in your home and preferably at candlelight.  

All you need to do to get started is follow these simple steps: 

  1. Make sure to work on each breast individually, massaging them in a circular motion from the nipple outward and without too much pressure. 
  2. Then, in order to detoxify the lymph nodes and unclog any ducts, use your fingers to massage upward from the armpit and outer edge of the breast towards the shoulder joint. 
  3. And to finish off your new relaxing routine: offer your shoulders, collarbone and neck a much-needed soft rub before working on the breastbone. Ease yourself into tranquility and end with a centering massage over the breastbone, circulating clockwise.  

And if you just can’t get enough (we’re sure you won’t), take a hot bath or shower to allow the oil to absorb into your pores and work all its magic! Our current newcomer La Copine - Be well Breasts Daily Massage Oil from the Philly-based brand Blind Tiger is an aromatic and balancing oil made precisely for the ladies to thrive for weeks to come. Just make sure not to use any extra soap on your body as the oil is already cleansing your skin. And if you just don’t have the time for full-on bathing, simply wrap yourself up in a warm towel and let the oil soak and flow in. 

Please do not forget about them! Honor them and get to know them. Get intimate with them. Feel good massaging them. Don’t exclude them from the whole body. Give restorative treatments daily.

We're proud and excited to be carrying La Copine - Be Well Breasts Daily Massage Oil, now available online and in-store.

Image courtesy of Blind Tiger

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