Crystal of the Week: Green Adventurine


Abundance, Calm, Confidence, Personal Growth

Now that we’ve brought light and happiness into our lives with last week’s crystal (the sunstone), let’s shift our focus to a stone that promises abundance and growth: green aventurine. Just as the green earth has begun her own fresh start, so must we continue on our journeys of growth and discovery. In combining these two crystals in our meditations, we can create a space of joy and confidence, while attracting abundance in whatever aspect we need most. This crystal also gives us the confidence and motivation to pursue the chances in front of us, especially those we do not see immediately. By soothing anger and irritation and encouraging compassion, green aventurine promotes leadership qualities such as decisiveness, empathy, and perseverance. It also heightens creativity and perception, and is considered to be a stone of prosperity. Green aventurine opens our hearts and minds, encouraging us to receive in abundance, but also to recognize the plethora of blessings we already have that we may be taking for granted, such as a loving family or friends, a place to call home, a parking spot in the busiest lot, or the perfect cup of coffee. Abundance is not always monetary, as we so often forget. Green aventurine shows us the many ways in which our lives can be full of abundance and prosperity, even when we feel like we are lacking what we think we need most. 


Green aventurine is best used when working on your Heart Chakra (found in the center of your chest). If your Heart Chakra is out of balance, you may find yourself lacking boundaries and giving too much of yourself to other people, or emotionally dependent, often feeling lonely, detached, or selfish. To rebalance yourself, use green aventurine in Chakra meditations, placing the stone on the chakra, or holding in your palm. Once balanced, you’ll feel more open to giving and receiving all kinds of love, and a willingness to give of yourself without needing something in return. 

To connect with nature, carry this stone with you as a reminder to appreciate the beauty of the earth and the interconnectivity of all life. You can also meditate with this stone to bring about abundance in an aspect of your choosing. In your meditation, focus of bringing forth your desires (you could seek abundance in finances, love, relationships, self-fulfillment, etc.) and picture yourself in the state in which you’d like to be. You can take this a step further, if you feel comfortable enough with your practice, and use a crystal chart or candles with green aventurine for intention-setting and other exercises. 

You can find Green Aventurine in store or online! We have a variety of sizes, so you can find the perfect crystal for your practice. 

Thanks for learning and growing with me again this week, I can’t wait to see you in the shop!



The Crystal Bible: A Definitive Guide to the Crystals by Judy Hall
In Focus Crystals: Your Personal Guide by Bernice Cockram
Crystalize – an app for smart devices

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