Though the summer season invites the temptation of care-free beach days, windows down, sans-salable schedules, that isn’t always the reality. Especially now, when the soothing season starts to come to a close. Self-care and taking time to decompress should not be a seasonal occasion, and often when we find ourselves out of step with our regular routine, we become out of step with ourselves. The products that we provide here are some tools in helping you relax and just taking some “you time”. Spending time with yourself, taking care of yourself, and taking another step towards the version of yourself that you most accept. How you choose to go about that is entirely up to you, hence why we’ve curated a selection that we hope can acclimate to everyone’s individual needs. Whether it’s comfy socks, a podcast or two, a soothing playlist, some yum recipes to try, we hope that you’re able to find some solace in this collection. 



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