Deep Roots Botanical Goods + Founder Margeaux Estreicher

Deep Roots Botanical Goods was founded on oil's ability to nourish the body for those who want a more natural alternative. The creator, Margeaux Estreicher, tells us that about four years ago, her on-again-off-again relationship with yoga finally clicked. She began to understand how it was influencing her body, around the same time she began experimenting with essential oils. “I had a pretty powerful response to them, so I started doing research to understand how to use them safely at home and with my children. That sort of opened the gate for me to also begin taking classes and using essential oils therapeutically for myself and my family. The more I learned about plant medicine and how it aligns with our skin and our bodies the more intrigued I became.” 

The name was prompted by her decision to use 100% plant-based materials. It runs parallel to the idea that plants, and organic materials from the earth, can heal us. We love the fact that it is also a predominantly women-run team. Margeaux adds, “I have been extremely lucky through my studies to inhabit safe spaces and containers held by women where I could explore thought and form- through yoga, dance, movement, meditation and study- freely and without judgement. In these spaces I was able to find my voice and release the idea that something had to look or feel a certain way, and to embrace collaboration over perfection. I’ve been able to work with some extremely inspiring and talented women and it really is my goal to foster these values and hold a similar space for my customers through my brand.”

Margeaux’s passion for sustainability is not lost on us, and it's a factor that she has considered with great care. She discusses giving proper credit and prices to all communities and areas in which their ingredients are sourced. “It is important for me to know that as someone who benefits from these natural resources I am also doing my best to sustain and replenish them.” They are also currently working with TerraCycle to make all of their natural materials one hundred percent recyclable, which is no easy feat. Additionally, Deep Roots Botanical Goods uses tree-free labels, and the boxes and shipping material are one hundred percent recyclable as well. Ideally, Margeaux would like to continuously evolve this process alongside the company’s evolution. 

Margeaux has her own personal preference for how she uses their oils. The oils that she uses on any given day are contingent on a wide range of factors from the weather outside to the time of year. The thought is, how can she best support her skin? But the process doesn’t end there. “I start with three palm inhalations- I rub the oil into my hand and cup my palms to my face, inhaling deeply and exhaling freely. As I do this I try to notice what particular scents I am smelling and how they make me feel.  I may also notice my feet making contact with the floor and any sensations in my body. I rub the oil upward and outward over my entire face and then give myself a massage focusing on my jaw, temples and eyebrows where I tend to hold tension. I also try to Gua Sha at least twice a week or whenever I find the time.” 

Margeaux assures us that there is much more to come for Deep Roots Botanical Goods, and that she hopes to share more products with us soon!

Learn more about Margeaux and Deep Roots Botanical Goods at @deeprootsbotanicalgoods.

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