Galentines board ideaGalentine's Day Sweet Board 

Are you hosting a girl's night in on Valentine's Day? Our "Galentine's" themed sweet board offers something delicious for everyone. I like to teach my girls about balance, to me balance means a home cooked meal (or a take-out order placed on my favorite plates) and ending the night with sweets. So, grab your favorite candies, chocolates, fruit and adorn with a few hints of love-decor and you're set. Oh and it would help if you invite a few friends over, but we won’t tell anyone if you enjoy this all to yourself...hmm tempting isn’t it? I'll help you out a bit and let you know where I found all my goodies to make this board. Now bring on the sugar coma (I promise it will be well worth it).


-Baker Street Market's Akeeson's Madagascar Chocolate (it’s delish and addicting).

-Whole Food's Marshmallow Hearts.

-Trader Joe's Short Bread Chocolate Heart Cookies, XO Gummy's, Jelly Bean Hearts and Strawberry Licorice Twists.

-Target’s Oreo Thins, Strawberry Pocky, Strawberries, Starburst and Raspberry Almonds. 

*Display on a rustic cutting board with our wooden heart and delicate spoon. Light a Vancouver Candle (one of my faves is Ortus), to fill your home with scent's of red currant's and roses. Turn on a romantic movie or soft music and snuggle up with your loved ones with a comfy blanket

Enjoy the night in! (I know we will)

xx Marichelle

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  • Theresa Pettersen-Chu

    What a sweet treat! Looks so yummy. Enjoy your night in with your girls. xoxo

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