Fall is in full swing and so is New Jersey's apple picking season! What a perfect time to share this recipe for Homemade Apple Ring Fritters by our newest blog contributor (and close friend of mine) - Ez Pudewa! She will be sharing lots of yummy recipes and offering easy to follow modifications for all of our gluten-free friends. Take it away Ez...

I'm happy to report with a bit of modification to make them gluten free, a batch of tasty apple ring fritters appeared in my kitchen over the weekend. Oh my goodness were they ever delicious! Kind of like mini batter fried apple pies powdered in spiced sugar and drizzled in cinnamon icing!

Delicious on their own...but they would also pair perfectly with vanilla ice cream. Next time I want to try topping them with some finely minced roasted almonds...the crunch would be a great addition!

More cinnamon spiced icing? Yes please!

Warm, gooey, crispy, sweet and spicy deliciousness.

If you're interested in how I modified How to Simplify's original Apple Fritter recipe to make it gluten free, just make the following simple adjustments:

  • Replace the standard flour with your favorite gf flour. My favorite is Carol's Gluten Free Flour
  • Use gluten-free vanilla in place of standard vanilla
  • (optional) Add 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon ground nutmeg (you could also add a tiny bit of ground cloves) to the Cinnamon Sugar mixture.
  • You can also experiment with the variety of apples you use. I made this recipe with both Fuji and Honeycrisp, and liked the Honeycrisp best. The more firm the apple is in the raw state, the better it will hold up while frying.

And lastly a quick side note: this is not a speedy dessert to whip up, so make sure you are prepared to stand in your kitchen working for a full hour or so before getting to eat them. The taste however...totally makes up for the long wait. If you make them, I'd love to hear what you think. xo Ez

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