I'm ALWAYS renovating my house (in my head, that is). I don't know about you, but I shamelessly use any excuse to justify a renovation. OH NO, the tub faucet is leaking... well, that can only mean thousands of dollars in plumbing work... new pipes, new fixtures, we might as well replace that gross tub while we're at it... if that's the case... honey, don't you think we might as well renovate the entire bathroom? [grin]. I'm sad to report that this tactic hasn't quite worked its charm yet. Until then, a girl can dream and create an inspiration board on Pinterest and take lots and lots of notes. Today I'm sharing my personal inspiration board for my imaginary master bathroom renovation project. You may not be into "dark bathrooms" - I'm a recent convert myself, but I'm hoping it will inspire you to start an inspiration board (whether it's tearing magazine pages or starting a digital board on pinterest), so when that day finally comes - you'll be ready to rebuild the bathroom of your dreams :)

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