Keeping the MEUS Community Healthy

March 14, 2020

Dear Friends,

As of today, our shop on Baker St will be closed and running as an online & delivery-only shop. My mind has been all over the place this week. Our school and entire district have now decided to close for a minimum of two weeks. I worry about the ramifications, but know and appreciate the burden of having to make this difficult decision. I fear the financial loss and what this will mean for me and my family, but as I lay in bed early this morning, I know that temporarily closing the shop on Baker St to help 
#FlattenTheCurve is the right decision. I like to think of Meus as the magical refuge of serendipitous meetups and this whole idea of social distancing is so not her jam, not to mention all the clorox that’s messing with her flora!

SO. Once it’s safe again to commingle, our shop door will be wide open and you can bet a big ol’ party is at the end of this storm! Until then, I’ll be doing my best to add all of the essentials that you can’t live without online at (Sea Salt Lavender soap fans - I gotchu!) ⠀⠀
Order online 

  • SOMA friends, choose local delivery (you must live in South Orange or Maplewood) and we’ll drive and deliver your goodies to your door for free. Orders must be received by 2pm in order to qualify for next day delivery. (Excludes weekends and holidays.)
  • Live outside of South Orange and Maplewood - spend $50 and up and First Class shipping is free!
  • Out-of-state friends, business as usual, we’ll continue shipping as long as USPS/UPS keep running!

Keep following us on instagram 
@meusshop and make sure you watch my stories (and sign up for the newsletter for special promos) - I’ll be doing some fun virtual shopping sessions for escapism and entertainment purposes.

See something you don’t see online? DMs, texts to 908-991-6387 and emails to are the quickest ways to reach us!

Thank you for your support. Be well.

xx Marichelle

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