Meus Meet Up - Mindful Meditation & Discussion

Join us for our first official MEUS Meet Up: Embracing Change on Saturday, November 23.

Ruth Tsuria will be leading us in a mindful meditation and a discussion about "change".  Like the seasons, life is full of changes, but these changes are not always welcomed. In this session we'll discuss what is change, why change happens, and how to deal with change using mindfulness and meditation. We will learn, meditate and discuss together. No previous meditation experience necessary! 

Space is limited so please register early by emailing us at $15 suggested donation upon arrival.

Ruth Tsuria has studied with various teachers in Austin and L.A.. Ruth has experience teaching in her day-job as a professor of Communication at Seton Hall University, and has led meditation sessions. An awarded researcher, Ruth applies critical thinking to the practice of meditation, and she is eager to share how this practice can be helpful in the reality of daily life. 

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