Quick Guide to Propagating

propagationHow to take care of your propagated plant still in water:

Bright, indirect light is best, direct sunlight can overwhelm them. Make sure to change the water every couple days. 

How/When to Replant:

If you estimate that their roots are strong enough. 

You can replant directly after purchasing, or leave it in water to watch the roots grow!

Almost all newly potted cuttings need to be kept moist for the first few weeks. As it acclimates, you can begin a more specific watering regime for the specific kind of plant. Ensure that they are getting moisture and avoid direct sunlight. 

How to care for established plants (monstera):

Once your cutting graduates to motherhood (a little after a month or so), they should not be placed in direct sunlight. They require abundant watering, and likely should be routinely sprayed and leaves can be washed with a damp sponge. From the months March-August fertilization is appreciated twice a month, with a complex mineral fertilizer. It does not need tending to for the remainder of the year. The young plants are re-potted annually. Once they reach a more mature age you can wait a couple of years in-between re-potting. 

More about this plant: Good for a new space or home, symbolizes abundance and wealth. 

Rubber plants:

Direct sunlight can cause burns. It should be watered two times a week in the summer, and once a week during colder seasons. Keep the soil in the pot moist. Fertilize March to September once every two weeks and transplant a young plant annually to a new pot. 

More about this plant: Symbolizes peace, abundance, comfort and stability. A link between the human and spirit. 

String of Needles: 

Should be exposed to full sunlight. In the Spring to Fall period, water moderately right away if the top layer of soil is dry. In Winter, you can wait about three days after the top layer dries out to water. This plant needs to be fed/fertilized regularly, about every twenty days. Only re-pot if necessary. 

More about this plant: They are susceptible to fungal infections. 

Purple Heart:

Inside it likes bright filtered light, outside it can grow in sun or shade. In the warm seasons water moderately, water sparingly in the cold seasons. Feed only in the summer and spring every couple of weeks. Can be transplanted to a new pot annually. 

Begonia Maculata:

Bright diffused light but keep away from direct sunlight. Thrives in humid air but does not need frequent watering. To increase the humidity in the air, turn the pallet over and insert it into a larger pallet. In the warmer months, it should be watered more regularly. It can be fed once every two weeks. Transplant into a new pot before the growing season (beginning of Spring). 

More about this plant: Symbolism is “be aware” or achieving peace, or justice. 

Pickle Plant: 

Prefers full sunlight but can tolerate shade. Since it's a succulent, do not water too frequently. No wet soil. 

String of Dolphins:

No direct sunlight. Being a succulent, it can rot if overwatered. Well-draining soil like a cactus/succulent mix can make all the difference. It thrives in crowded conditions. Water about once a week during Spring and Fall, and once a month during winter. It can be fed once to twice a year at the beginning of Spring. 


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