Ryniee DeCheser

South Orange Maplewood Artists Studio Tour
Saturday, November 2 at 10am-5p
Sunday, November 3 at 10am-4p
MEUS / 98 Baker Street in Maplewood NJ

Come join us this weekend for another inspiring Artists Studio Tour - over 70 amazing artists from South Orange and Maplewood to visit! Artists open their studios to visitors, sharing both their work and their work space; and venues like our shop, have the opportunity to host local artists.

This year I'm so excited to be hosting Ryniee DeCheser! So make sure you add us to your journey, the Studio Tour website ( lists all participating artists and has an interactive map that lets you filter by theme, medium, and other options. Paper maps are available at participating venues and businesses throughout both towns, including The Baird Center and 1978 Arts Center.

Ryniee DeCheser started her career as an illustrator/graphic designer with clients in the fashion, music, and advertising in New York City.  She then sought to create work that didn't follow a prescribed narrative and focus on her love of color.  Using a variety of media, she invites the viewer to have their own responses to the work. The overall mood is positive, bright, and ethereal.

You can find Ryniee on Instagram @


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