Ten #stayhome dates

During these times, you may find that it has been hard to connect and spend time with your loved one. Although you are probably both home together more than usual; you may be stressed, playing teacher all day, on non-stop zoom calls, trying to get three meals on the table (and hoping one has a vegetable..) and on on and on.  It is time to put a pause on all of that and invite your partner on a date (maybe even surprise them!) I challenge you to pick a day this week to have a date with your partner. Do something that works for you, something that makes you both happy, makes a new memory and gives you that extra push you need to get through the rest of quarantine. Enjoy these ideas and let us know if you do any!


1. Have a picnic on the lawn

Grab a cozy blanket, a picnic basket it you want to get fancy and make your favorite childhood sandwiches, maybe a PB&J? Pack a few drinks and head out into the sunshine for some time outside together. Play your favorite music and lay down and relax for a few moments.


2. Bake a sourdough loaf

There are never too many hands to knead dough right? Attempt to make a sourdough loaf together to serve with dinner. Practice listening to one another and working together through this. It is key to listen to the other person when it comes to a making something that needs the correct measurements. Here is a great recipe for beginners! 


3. Head to a farmers market 

Farmer's markets are opening up, due to being an open air way of shopping, it actually may be the best bet right now. There are few around here that are open and have a variety of stands spaciously spread out. Wear a mask to attend and grab some fresh produce, flowers, iced coffee and your fave fresh treats! 

Saturday: Montclair Farmers Market is open from 8:00am-2:00pm

Sunday: Summit Farmers Market is open from 8:00am-1:00pm 


4. Camp in your backyard

Set up a tent in the backyard to enjoy the night together under the stars. If you have children, let them know that you are spending the night outside together with no interruptions (unless there is an emergency) and if they let it happen, they will get to do it next! There is something about sleeping outside and going to bed with the stars and bonfire and then waking up to the birds chirping. Here is a tent at target I found, that is surprisingly still in stock! 


5. Drive down to the beach

Wake up super early, like 5:00am and take a drive down to the beach! Enjoy the sunrise together and have coffee on the beach together. Take in the fresh air and quiet time and just enjoy the sand and listening the waves. If you're more of a night time person, head down for sunset with some champagne. 


6. Discover your love language

Have you taken the love language test yet? It is actually really fun to do together in order to find out each others love languages. It is really helpful when it comes to navigating relationships. You may be gifting your partner gorgeous items weekly, but if their love language is "act of service", you would both benefit from giving them a nice massage at the end of the day. Take this free test with your partner to learn each others! What is yours? 


7. Eat breakfast in bed

Order a meal kit from Jackie & Son, Saturday's they have a brunch kit and Sunday's they have the griddle kit. SO DELICIOUS, I will literally eat anything from there! These kits come with all the ingredients and you can choose pick-up or delivery. The two of you can make this together and then hop back in bed to enjoy! 


8. Listen to a couples meditation

This easy 6 minute partner connection meditation exercise is great to use to take a nice quiet break with one another. Find a nice quiet space to do this meditation together which will bring you closer together through guided words and simple movements. It is a great short exercise that may help rebuild the connection.


9. Give each other massages

This one will benefit both parties (as long as one of your love languages is physical touch). Here is a guide with some great tips you could use for some ideas. Have your partner sit down or lay down in a comfy position, put on some calming music and give them your undivided attention for 30 minutes, then switch. I am sure these days everyone has a little extra tension, this will help release some of it. 


10. Set up a wine tasting

From your very own kitchen, pick up a few bottles of wine from your local liquor store and have a wine night once the kids go to bed! Pair them with delicious cheeses, meats and other goodies from Baker Street Market and enjoy the night sipping on new wines. The benefit? You won't need to call an uber.


 xx Marichelle


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