➤ MAY 12 - JUNE 30

ART EXHIBIT: “Collateral Beauty” by Filana Turner-Paul for Spotted Oak
Meus Mezzanine 104 Baker Street, Maplewood NJ

With a profound interest in fine arts from the early chapters of her life, Filana was eager to nurture and evolve this passion. Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, she began studying fine arts at the Brooklyn HS of the Arts. She later pivoted her creative outlet to Fashion attending the Parsons school for Design. Now residing in Orange NJ and a mom of two, she has been exploring a newly found passion for creating and curating spaces by designing her own decor pieces. Her natural material palettes consist of various stones and wood species, raw textiles and acrylic hand painted details. Filana’s table and wall sculptures encompass bold shapes, unique compositions, and proud textures that whisper notes of her expansive creative exploration.


Meus Mezzanine
1st & 3rd Wednesday | 7:00pm - 9:00pm

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