Holding Space

HOLDING SPACE (presented by MEUS)

Who are we? We are curious individuals balancing work and families. We want to recharge, connect, and find a community that helps us be more compassionate to ourselves and others, listen better, and be more willing to hold space rather than react or judge. We want to find peace and happiness in the now - rather than waiting for it in the future. No more self criticism. No more frantic comparisons. We want to like ourselves for who we are. The journey is powerful. It’s hard. It takes work. Let’s start this together...

MEUS will be hosting a bi-monthly meditation series led by our favorite meditation instructors. No previous meditation experience necessary!


Meditation Mondays at Meus

Mondays,  8:30p - 9p 

Join Zoom Meeting: https://zoom.us/j/163166981 
Meeting ID: 163 166 981

How to reduce stress and deal with change. A meditative approach.
Ruth Tsuria has studied with various teachers in Austin and L.A.. Ruth has experience teaching in her day-job as a professor of Communication at Seton Hall University, and has led meditation sessions. An awarded researcher, Ruth applies critical thinking to the practice of meditation, and she is eager to share how this practice can be helpful in the reality of daily life.

There is no price tag to participate in this event, because it is offered on a generosity basis: please donate what you can and what you wish upon arrival in order to make this and similar events available to other people.

NOTE: Join us remotely as we shift to a #stayhome online meet-up and move onto the zoom platform (a video conferencing platform). 

I hope you join us.